Miami Virtual office and Miami Business Address

Providing complete Virtual Office solutions, Business addresses and Maildrops to improve your business profile. Find the virtual office or mail drop location that interests you then e-mail us at and our staff will provide you with further details or set-up the service you want. Many Business Addresses can be set-up by return of e-mail. Miami virtual office, and Miami Phone and or Fax Number, phone answering/call forwarding, email, fax and a Miami business address/Miami mail drop with mail forwarding .

Mailing Address
3 months
6 months



12 months $890
Plus $100 postage/activity deposit

 Actual Address will be  provided as soon as the order  is processed


   •  2 picture IDs (one of which
       should be issued by the
       government, such as,
       driver's license)

   •  Complete the Form 1583
      (will be provided after the
      order is completed)

Phone + Fax
3 months $250
6 months $390
12 months $590
Note: $100 one time setup fee
   • Miami phone             
     number and fax number
   • Phone Answering by live      operators
   • Call Diversion to
     anywhere in the world
   • Fax to email
   • Access your emails, phone      messages, faxes and files      via the InifiniOffice web      interface or phone 24 hours      365 days a year.
   • Free Conference Calls
   • Massive 500GB Secure      Data Storage space
















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